Game Day Information

Key things to remember for Game Day


Be at the ground 5 minutes prior to the required time set by the Captain.  Otherwise advise the Captain prior of alternate arrangements.

If it is a home game you are required to contribute to afternoon tea.

You must pay the require match day fees established by the club.  See your Captain for further details.

You may be required to assist as a square leg umpire or even the officiating umpire.

You are representing the East Coburg Cricket Club.


For First and Second XI teams:

  1. you will be required to undertake warm activities (bring warm up gear if required)
  2. you will need to assist in marking the wicket, taking the ropes of the centre wicket and potentially removing covers
  3. you will need to take out the scoreboard(s)


Above all be prepared for the day's cricket and enjoy playing the game.